These selected writings of  ~   Isnala Mani  ~  are taken from

"There Should Have Been Music"
~ and ~
"A Child Out Of Time"
Three volumes of poetry and random  thoughts
written over the past several years.
Taken in chronological they are shown above...
the volumes are the spiritual and emotional biography of a man.

Selections here are in no particular order.
Much has changed in the life of this man.
The earlier works may not  reflect the man you see.

There is no pretense of great literary merit here...
this is a sharing from the heart.
If you find something here...some thought or some words...
of value to you...own it, take it as my gift.

All writings are the copyrighted sole property of the author,
however, permission is granted to copy or quote all or any part...
as long as proper respect is paid to the author..
quote freely in personal, not commercial, applications...
but do give credit to the writer.
~ Isnala Mani ~

{ Isnala Mani }

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